Who we are

How SYF was formed?

Shazad Yaseen Foundation (SYF) originated in the loving memory of dedicated charity worker Shazad Yaseen whom tragically passed away at the age of 32 in a fatal car accident whilst carrying out humanitarian work. In his short lifespan Shazad continuously served humanity. He was a successful graduate with a very healthy career progression, however he chose to leave that path in order to serve the needy.

Shazad Yaseen Foundation stemmed from a tribute memorial event in his hometown of Slough in January 2017. Upon Shazads passing, a group of Slough's volunteers along with family members came together to commemorate his life. The Deputy Mayor along with members of local businesses and residents came together from various ages and backgrounds to celebrate his life with an evening of speeches and presentations by family members and other prestige guests.

The evening resulted in obtaining several generous donations from the attendees in order to assist with fulfilling the charitable work that Shazad had begun venturing. We then decided to proceed with this Foundation to enable the donators to comprehend where their donations had been utilized.

Shazad Yaseen

worked for many charity organisations and his ethos in life was simple - serving the people. The impact of Shazads work had touched so many lives that this Foundation was formed shortly after his passing. Shazad took part in many charitable projects such as winter walks, marathons as well as youth engagement sessions such as football tournaments and community talks. He was also involved in providing general aid such as - the Berkshire area was flooded he volunteered to assist those effected and provided them with food and warm clothing. Shazad was involved in numerous projects; always looking for any way to raise funds for the less fortunate, for example partaking in a sponsored Sky Dive to raise funds for Orphans in Africa.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create an optimistic identity for the whole humanity. Regardless of the age, race and ethnic background; everyone should feel a sense of security and belonging in this world. Simple necessities should not be yearned for by any human being. SYF reaches out to the less fortunate and provides them with the means of survival and hope.

This is currently being accomplished by our team by interacting with local businesses as well as our regular donators in order to raise funds to achieve our ultimate mission of creating positive feelings and a sense of belonging for the homeless around our local area of Slough. We are pleased to say that due to our worldwide donations this work is also now at an international level.

Our Mission

SYF mission is to continue Shazad's message of : Peace, Love and Unity. We are continually undertaking new projects locally and worldwide in order to reach out to those in need. Simple necessities such as water and food packs are ongoing projects internationally. We believe that that even quality time spent with someone who is lonely is charity.