Healthcare / Medical Aid

100% Donation Policy.


SYF have well establish Medical Camps throughout the world providing assessments/ screenings and treatment; to those who are vulnerable and less fortunate to access any type of medical care.

This is a huge success through your donations. We are able to provide a full medical team [including doctors, consultants and nurses], equipment to assess patients & medications needed. To Support SYF with the Medical-projects of providing Hospitals with Equipment & Medical Camps. Inbox for further details.

SYF believe every one should have the best possible healthcare no matter where they live. The sad reality is 24% of the Pakistani population lives within the poverty fragment and the main sufferers of poverty are children, the weakest and most vulnerable, who see a complete deprivation of their rights at a young age.

Millions of children in developing countries such as Pakistan and Africa with serious illnesses live in poverty resulting in parents struggle to pay for compulsory treatments in hospitals. This results in children deaths due to simple means not being able to be provided.

Your charitable donations will allow us to do so much more by providing funding for additional hospital facilities, equipment and research and by creating a caring environment for all who use the under privileged hospitals.

SYF also provides children’s gifts packs on the children wards to enable them to believe a child's life shouldn't be about illness, hospitals and diagnosis - it should be about joyfulness and hope. The effects a simple surprise gift can have on a seriously ill child have been witnessed by us first hand: from creating incredible memories, building confidence and bringing a simple smile to a face, that comes with along with a life-threatening condition.

Donate now to bring a beautiful smile to a underprivileged people's face and to give them a chance of survival.